The significant SEVEN

The numbers were described years ago and are currently uniquely identified since our childhood by most of us, I would like to describe about the significant number SEVEN which seems mysterious to me as when I look around I find

a week comprising of 7 days,

every music made out of 7 notes,

the rainbow comprising of 7 colours,

the traditional Indian marriage comprises of 7 promises (as it’s the only number from 1 to 10 which is not divisible by 360 degrees which makes the circle, a fera signifying each promise)

and the most secret sacred chakras of our body also count up to 7.

I would like to focus on the sacred SEVEN chakras which signify the human faults and it seemed so valuable to me that I thought to quote it down and share with you all the insights of each of the significant faults.

1. Fear — Stops us from being courageous.

2. Attachment — Makes us feel tied up to expectations.

3. Anger — Prevents us from being constructive.

4. Ego — Invites enemy and reason for our destruction.

5. Jealousy — Makes us do the unthinkable.

6. Existence — Sense of loss of self-identity and feeling of hopelessness.

7. Illusion — Unable to see the true and real form.

These would be the seven topics for my upcoming stories so that I can elaborate each one of them in detail and explore the conflicts with each one of them as its stops us from exploring the human capabilities.

P.S: Thanks for reading until end! This being my 7th story so I decided to make it special by making it a bit significant and tried to explore the mystery inside it. I wish it helps you as you can identify the faults within yourself in the journey of self-exploration and work on it to live every moment to the fullest.

Avid reader and believer of action!