We all exist as far as we live and are unique as no one can ever replace us, so one should create and cherish memories of joy. In true sense, self-identity is not the physical body which acts like a machine and suffers with time but honestly it’s we all as a person from within.

We are at times lost in search of true self and seek to justify our purpose of life as when we usually give away ourselves for others and think whatever they are doing is right and underestimate ourselves in the process. We often make ourselves feel inferior and decide to go with the flow of others being a conformer for lifetime also getting blind folded for sake of our loved and dear ones. We often seem to forget our nature and try to be someone else.

5 ways to empower existence

1. Being financially independent and occupied with some constructive work which is full of love and enthusiasm.

2. Doing things independently without taking help of others.

3. Making and speaking out for our own choice and opinions.

4. Prioritizing self-love and self-care.

5. Feeling grateful and proud of things we do.

P.S : Life is short to think about petty things and worry; so let’s make our personal experience and life worth living as no one can ever replace us whereas be glad to contribute where we create the rules for ourselves and compete within us by tracking our development and progress. Thanks for reading until end!

Avid reader and believer of action!